Lemon Mousse for a Crowd

1 cup egg whites (from about 8 large eggs)( 2 cups confectioners' sugar( ½ cup fresh lemon juice (from about 2½ large lemons)( 1 cup light corn syrup( 3 cups heavy cream.

1. Bring 2 inches water to a boil in bottom of a double-boiler. In top of double-boiler, combine egg whites, sugar and lemon juice. Place over boiling water. With a large balloon whisk, whisk egg whites vigorously until smooth, airy and very thick, about 5 minutes. Add corn syrup and whisk just until smooth, then remove from heat.

2. Transfer beaten whites to a large mixing bowl. Cover and refrigerate about 1 hour.

3. Remove from refrigerator and add heavy cream. Using an electric mixer, whisk until thick enough to hold stiff peaks, about 2 minutes. Place in dessert cups or bowls, cover, and refrigerate 15 minutes to 1 hour before serving.

Yield: About 9 cups (18 to 24 servings).


NY Times,

May 24, 2006