Salmon Linda Holtzchue






Dijon mustard

Dash lemon juice

Mix about 1/2 to one cup of this and glop it onto a piece of salmon filet placed on a pre-heated, buttered platter, preferably one that can be served on.

Bake at 500 degrees for ten minutes, or until top turns an appealing brown.



Annie's Thai Fish
Fry in oil 6 cloves of garlic. Add:

3 TB soy sauce

2 TB brown sugar

1 1/2 TB fish sauce

5 TB lime juice

Cook for one minute.

Mince 6 scallions and 2 inches ginger.

Add 2 lbs. fish fillets (salmon).

Cover fish with ginger-scallion mixture.

Cook delicately, spooning sauce over fish, on top of stove.

Use lid so top of fish cooks.