Phyllis's BBQ Brisket


For the sauce, the following ingredients in amounts to suit.


Heinz Chili Sauce

No more than 1 tablespoon Hoisin sauce (vinegar, brown sugar, vegetable oil)

Worcestershire sauce

Pickapeppa Sauce or Dat'l Do It (Datil Pepper) sauce or both or Tabasco



Mix together. (About one cup water per cup of other mixture.)


Sear the brisket on a hot grill or under the broiler. Lower the temperature to 250-350.

Put the brisket in a throw-away aluminum pan or other metal roasting pan. Coat with the BBQ sauce. Cook a few hours, adding water. Brush on BBQ sauce and return the meat to the grill without the pan at the very end.


You can pour all the sauce on the meat at the start and let it cook that way, but the sauce will all burn off and the meat will burn up. However it will smell great and drive your neighbors crazy with envy.