Two-Pan Pork Fry


1 pork tenderloin cut into pieces

bok choy, chopped


sweet onion, diced

bean sprouts

crimini mushroons, sliced

cooked rice noodles, sprinkled with sesame oil


Marinate pork in sherry and soy sauce.

Arrange a wok on left and large sautee pan on right.

Heat peanut oil in both. Turn down heat on right pan.

Stir-fry pork in wok. When cooked, move to pan on right, on low heat.

Stir-fry, in order:

Onions and scallions

Bok choy

Crimini mushrooms

Bean sprouts

Adding more peanut oil to wok as needed and moving ingredients, as cooked, to pan on right.


At some point add brown sugar, fish sauce, and soy sauce to pan on right, then the noodles.


Mix all ingredients together and add more soy sauce to taste.