Pesto Siciliano

(Spaghetti ai profumi di Sicilia)


For one person:

1 sage leaf

2 capers

3 green olives

25 pieces of parsley

1 pinch of oregano

extra virgin olive oil

Cook pasta as usual. Mix with this sauce. Sprinkle on top pieces of cacciacavallo and/or pecorino cheese.

Recipe graciously provided by Aldo Gueli of the Ristorante Ruga Reali in Agrigento, on the condition that we not give it to another Sicilian restaurant. May 8, 1998.



one bunch basil

one bunch parsley

1/2 bunch mint

10 olives

8 capers

Chop and mix in extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper. Serve with parmergian cheese.