Pasta with Swordfish


Lightly flour the swordfish and fry in olive oil. Cut in chunks.

Cook pasta as usual.

Add black olives, mint, and tomatoes.

From a restaurant in Mondello, near Palermo. May 3, 1998.


Pasta with Ricotta

Use the tubes cut in chunks. Add ricotta and ripe cherry tomatoes and perhaps a little basil.


Pasta alla Norma

 Prepare a tomato sauce with basil. Cut 3 eggplants in cubes , put them in a colander, salt them, and leave them for an hour so they lose their bitterness. Then fry them in olive oil. Prepare spaghetti or other pasta (farfalle, bucatini) as usual and mix with the tomato sauce. Add the eggplants and grated cacciacavallo, or, if unavailable, either globs of ricotta or grated pecorino. This is the ubiquitous pasta of Sicily.