Tomato Gazpacho


Put in blender:


V-8 juice and/or tomato juice and/or canned tomatoes

Olive oil (olive oil to vinegar in proportion of 3/1)

Vinegar (try rice vinegar or balsamic vinegar or regular red wine vinegar)

Salt and pepper

2-4 cucumbers, peeled, seeded, roughly cut

2-4 red peppers, crudely chopped

½-1 sweet onion


Combine. Try to leave some of the peppers in chunks, i.e. don't liquify everything.


Add some or all of the following just before serving:


Chopped parsley

Chopped fresh basil

Chopped scallions


For 4-6 people, I use 2 each of cucumber and peppers and ½ onion. For 10 people I double that. One large can of V-8 juice alone will do for the smaller number of people--go wild and add tomatos, tomato juice, whatever, for more people. This is a very forgiving soup. You really can't go wrong.