Meat Dishes



Annie's Aromatic Beef from Java

BBQ Brisket and Matt's Brisket

Mama's Meat Loaf

Beef and Bok Choy

Beef Short Ribs

Bill Wright's Meat Loaf

Catalan Beef Stew

Pot Roast

Roast Beef

Skirt Steak with Salsa Verde

Skirt Steak, Key West

Somewhat Chinese Beef Sautay

Chateaubriand (beef tenderloin fillet)

Comforting Shredded Beef  

Filet Mignon

Heather's Flank Steak


Beef Stir Fry

Korean Barbecue Beef


Beer-Soused Pork with Leeks, Potatoes

Tropical Pork Medallions

Luana Barber's Cuban Pork

Pork Roast

Leftover Pork (Pork Fried Rice)

Po' Pig Pulled Pork Milanese

Mango Pork

Two-Pan Pork Fry (vaguely Chinese)

Vietnamese Pork Stir Fry

Pork Strogonoff


Oxtail Stew

Calves Liver Veneziana



Anne Bernays' Lamb Casserole

Kofte (Middle Eastern Meat Balls)

BBQ Lamb

Becky Connor's Lamb with Cardamom

Roasted Rack of Lamb


Veal and Pumpkin Stew

Veal in Orange Sauce

Veal Milanese

Veal Piccata

Laurent's Longed-For Veal Chops

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